Accepted Students
Congratulations on your acceptance into the South India Term Abroad program! You should look forward to a challenging, busy, and fascinating cultural and academic experience in Madurai! This page will provide you with information about the confirmation process, preparing for your upcoming international travel, and what to expect from the program. You should find answers to many of your questions here. But whenever you need more information or clarification, feel free to contact either Connie (executive director –

F15 Student Handbook

Important Contact Information:

Indian Visa:

Cox & Kings

Immunization Information:

Center for Disease Control

International Insurance:

Cultural Insurance Services International

Important Dates for Fall 2015 Program Participants

Acceptance Decisions: acceptance letters have been emailed

Confirmation Deadline: April 13, 2015

Recommended Deadline for Purchasing International Flight: TBD (see details below):

Please note that you will need to arrive at Tiruchirapalli (or Tiruchirapally) airport (airport code TRZ) on August 17, 2015 between 12pm (noon) and 3:00pm. A SITA staff member will meet you at the airport. You could wait to purchase your flight until you have your visa in hand, however, you may be able to find a cheaper ticket if you purchase earlier.

Recommended Deadline for Submitting Your Application for an Indian Student Visa: TBD (but see below):

Please note that you will need to wait for your letter from India (a necessary component of your application). Connie will email that to you as soon as possible after she has received hard copies of everyone’s passport-sized photo. Do not delay in putting that in the mail, as you need all the time you can get to apply for and receive your visa.


Confirm Your Enrollment

**Please Note** To reserve your space in the program, all confirmation materials must be received at the SITA office by April 13:

South India Term Abroad

1079 S 300 E

Salt Lake City, UT 84111



Please mail the following items to SITA’s mailing address or scan & email the materials to Connie –

(1) $500 non-refundable deposit, write check to “South India Term Abroad” (hard copy must be mailed to SITA’s mailing address)

(3) one passport-sized photo. do not print on a home printer. you can get passport-sized photos taken at CVS, walgreens, and other places. do not wear eye glasses. this photo does not have to be an exact match of the photo in your passport. (hard copy must be mailed to SITA’s mailing address)

(4) Parent:Guardian Release Form

(5) Medical Form

(6) Conditions of Participation

(7) Host Family and Visa On-Line Form 



Obtain Your Indian Visa

Approximately two months before your departure, SITA will send you an admissions letter via email attachment. Once you receive the admissions letter, you will apply for the visa. To complete your application, you will need: (1) admissions letter, emailed to you from SITA, (2) valid passport, (3) proof of residence that matches your address on visa application (5) passport-sized photo.

Visa Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What type of visa do I apply for?You need a Student Visa, valid for 1 year if you are an Academic Year Program student or valid for 6 months if you are a Semester Program student. It is important that you obtain a 6-month visa if you are only planning to be in India for 6 months or less. 1-year visas require students to register with the Foreign Registration Office in Madurai – this is a time-consuming process for both students and staff that should be avoided if possible. Note: If your on-line application only allows you to choose 1-year, go ahead and choose that. However, as part of your application packet, please include a brief, polite business letter that states you are applying for a 6-month student visa even though the on-line application required you to select a 1-year student visa.
  • When will my visa expire?Your visa will expire 6-months or 1-year (depending on your program) from the date it is issued – NOT from the date you arrive in India. This is important to remember as you plan any post-program travel. For example, if you apply for a 6-month visa on December 10, it will expire on June 9.
  • Am I responsible for the cost of attaining a visa?Yes. South India Term Abroad covers the cost of attaining an admissions letter. You are responsible for costs associated with obtaining an Indian student visa, including consular fees, service fees, and shipping costs. 
  • Is it safe to mail my passport?Yes. This is a standard procedure. Do make sure to ship it exactly according to the directions provided by Travisa Outsourcing.
  • Do I need to provide an Admission Letter?Yes. You will receive this letter in an email. You must receive this letter before you apply for your visa and include it in your application.
  • What city should I list as the port of entry?Chennai
  • Who should I list as my Indian contact on the application form?Dr. Arun Raja Selvan34-B H.A.K. RoadChinnachokkikulamMadurai 625 002Tamil Nadu, India+91-452-253-1248

International Travel

SITA students and families will need to purchase their international flight. Please note that you need to arrive in Tiruchirapalli, or Tiruchirapally (airport code: TRZ) for the beginning of the program on August 17 between 12pm (noon) and 3:00pm. After the student group is confirmed, Connie will contact students (and their families) who will be planning travel from the same city (i.e. all students flying out of JFK), just in case you’d like to make arrangements to travel together on the same flight. Students will be greeted by SITA staff upon their arrival at Tiruchirapalli International Airport. They will be waiting just outside with a sign, so after you’ve collected your luggage, proceed outside to find the SITA staff. As soon as you finalize your travel plans, please send the itinerary to Connie. 



Complete Necessary Medical Preparations


When you meet with your healthcare provider to complete the Medical Form as part of your confirmation process, discuss and begin to make plans with them for filling your medical prescriptions for the duration of your stay in India, completing the necessary immunizations, and obtaining malaria prophylaxis.Consult your healthcare provider and the Center for Disease Control for guidelines and suggestions. A topical mosquito repellant, Odomos, is readily available in Madurai. Bring with you small amounts of sunscreen with high SPF and any over-the-counter drugs you think you might need (for headaches, colds, motion sickness, stomach pain, etc.). Students from the previous semester will leave their leftovers at the SITA Center for your use – so pack lightly! However, if you take any prescription medications be sure to pack enough to last your entire stay in India. Past students suggest that you consider using The Keeper. This can be a very good option in India, where it is sometimes inconvenient to dispose of tampons (they cannot be flushed down toilets).

SITA will purchase travel and medical insurance for you through Cultural Insurance Services International (CISI). Once you receive an email with your coverage dates, you can decide to purchase an additional month (or more) of the insurance if necessary due to your post-program travel plans. **Please note that the travel insurance provided by the program is not a substitute for adequate primary medical insurance with international coverage. Please read through the document found in the CISI link above for more information. Most college student health plans offer such coverage, but it is the responsibility of students and their families to check carefully with their health insurance providers to determine whether their own health insurance coverage meets their travel plans.




You are allowed to bring one checked bag (approximately 50 lbs) on your international flight, plus one carry-on. Consider choosing a hiking backpack, rather than a suitcase with wheels, for both of your bags since it will be much easier to travel with. You’ll be taking this luggage on trains and busses, plus the crowded, uneven sidewalks – when they exist – are not conducive to pulling a suitcase. A backpack will make everything easier. We cannot emphasize enough that you should pack light. There will be lots of leftover clothes and supplies at the SITA Center, plus many medical, hygiene, and clothing items are easily purchased in Madurai.




What You Need To Pack:

  • ClothingYou will end up buying most of the clothes you will be wearing in India – so pack light! Bring comfortable, lightweight skirts and pants that cover your ankles. Make sure that your tops cover your shoulders. No tank-tops or low-cut shirts. Bring dark solid colored bras and underwear. Things get dirty fast – plus, you’ll be washing your own undergarments and may have to hang them out in a public space, such as your family’s roof.
  • HairYou can wear your hair however you wish, but it is most culturally-appropriate to wear long hair up. Your host mothers will probably comment on it regularly, so you’ll quickly learn which ways they approve of and which ways they don’t ( and it’s your choice whether or not to comply)!
  • ExtrasBring some comfort items – a favorite pair of jeans or set of pajamas that you can wear on educational tours or a snack item you might miss. There are a lot of cosmetic and beauty products available and it can be fund to try out new brands. But if you are attached to a certain brand, you should bring it with you.
  • ShoesIn Madurai, the best form of footwear are flip flops – shoes that you can very easily and readily slip on and off. Bring a pair of tennis shoes as well. You’ll do a bit of light hiking in Kerala (your shoes will get very dirty during this). Tennis shoes can also be good for post-program travel, if you plan on going to cooler places.
  • TechnologyIf you have a digital recorder, bring it. You will be recording interviews for your directed field research project. However, the SITA Program will provide these for all students who need them. Students in recent semesters have strongly suggested that students bring their own laptops. There are two computers available at the SITA Center for student use, but you’ll find that they are slow. If you’d like to bring your cell phone, be sure to check with your provider regarding international rates and policies. Cell phones are readily available in Madurai. The cost will be similar to a cheap model in the U.S. Most students purchase a phone after arriving in India.



Program Information

You probably have many other questions about what to expect when you arrive in Madurai. Here are answers to commonly asked questions.

  • When do I need to register for classes? That will be done after you’ve arrived in Madurai. You will have the opportunity to attend each of the elective courses for one class session. After this, you will choose which electives you will join.
  • Can you tell me about my host family? Learning about your host family is exciting, as they will be a central aspect of your life in Madurai. Plus, you should pick out some gifts for them from the United States!  You will receive an email with your host family information as soon as the Madurai staff have made the matches.
  • What does a typical day look like on the South India Term Abroad Program? This question is very hard to answer!  Take a look at a draft program calendar (*subject to change*) to get a sense of the program. Your days will be packed – with field trips, travel, guest lectures, classes, and time with your host family. While in Madurai, you will eat breakfast with your host family and then make your way to the SITA Center, where classes are held. Your first class everyday will be Functional Tamil. For lunch, you will go out and eat at any number of small restaurants around the center. You will eat dinner with your host family. You can expect to have Tamil homework, readings, and films to view during some of your free time; to talk, watch TV, and go on outings with your host family during other free time; and to explore Madurai shops, markets, streets, cinemas, temples, mosques, and churches during the rest!
  • Can I join a gym in Madurai? There is a really nice Western-style gym in Madurai (with prices comparable to U.S. gyms), and many smaller gyms. You’ll need to bring loose, comfortable, and modest clothing (loose t-shirts and loose long pants). For yoga classes, you will need the same – you can easily purchase gym or yoga clothes in Madurai.