I’ve adopted a new family, experienced a culture that is entirely foreign to me, learned how to live in a foreign city, and learned the basic skills I needed to travel on my own. South India Term Abroad gave me the basic tools I needed to open up India to me – and for that, I’m very grateful.  – Colby College Student 2011

Experience Diverse Aspects of Contemporary & Historical South Indian Life Through Travel and Lectures

South India Term Abroad offers the immersion experience of a host family living arrangement and the opportunity for extensive travel. While students learn to call Madurai home, they also travel on two cultural tours with SITA staff to the neighboring states of Karnataka and Kerala, orientation and program closing trips in Tamil Nadu, and field trips to villages and religious sites in and around Madurai. 

Lectures help students learn about the diverse cultural, political, and natural life of south India as they visit archaeological ruins, temples, palaces, the coastal backwaters of Kerala and rocky terrain of Karnataka. Students will travel to cosmopolitan cities, nature reserves, and religious sites to bring to life south India’s diverse contemporary life. 

In addition to program travel throughout south India, many South India Term Abroad students choose to travel independently (often with other SITA students) after the program ends. South India Term Abroad is not responsible for students’ post-program travels, but here are some things accepted students should know about post-program travel.

Following students’ confirmation of enrollment, SITA purchases a group international flight for all of the students. Students have about one week following this purchase to change their return date with our travel agent at no extra cost. All admitted students are enrolled in an international travel insurance plan (CISI) for the duration of the program. Students can extend this insurance directly with the providing company at a low monthly rate to cover their post-program travels.

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