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Mary O’Brien (Syracuse University) shares her photography, p.1-2 (left: a preview of “Meenakshi Temple”); Julie Edelstein (Temple University) reflects on her expressive culture experience at a dance studio, p.3-4; Nicole Huang (Bates College) draws on her directed field research to provide insight on a farmer’s market, p.5; Meredith Unger (Smith College) prepares to return to Madurai as a Program Assistant, p.6; Hemalatha (Lady Doak College), a translator for SITA directed field research, discusses the reciprocal exchange that the program facilitates, p.7; Emily Wiener (Bates College) writes about a memorable host family experience, p.8-9; spring 2014 students introduce themselves, p.9-13 






meet SITA’s new Resident Director, Laurah Klepinger-Mathew, and the incoming 2013-2014 SITA students. Read advice from alumni, learn about one student’s directed field research and view photographs by current students, like the one previewed on the left by spring 2013 SITA student, Valerie Feerer. “Sunset Through Chinese Fishing Nets on the Arabian Sea” 


FALL 2012


spring 2012 students give incoming students anonymous advice and feedback on making the most of their upcoming SITA experience


Students, host families, and staff members celebrate a very successful spring 2012 program at the Farewell Tea. Read more about their experiences and meet the incoming students and program assistants in this issue.

FALL 2011

In this issue, meet SITA’s new Resident Director and the Spring 2012 Program students. Learn why students from diverse majors choose SITA.


What do Spring 2011 SITA students want to say to incoming students? “be willing to put yourself in new situations” • “you just have to be ready for anything” • “you will have a great support system” • “everything is amazing – oh, except the mosquitos, roaches & lizards!!!” • “you’ll learn so much” • “yeah!” 


Not only do South India Term Abroad students have access to some of the best faculty, libraries, and NGOs in Madurai — they regularly have the opportunity to attend guest lectures by Indian artists, scholars, and writers. This semester, guest lecturers arrive from Mumbai, Chennai, and Dehradun.

FALL 2010

What are you looking for in a study abroad program? If you’d like to study Indian literature, religion, environmental or political issues while receiving training in dance, voice, or art, practicing yoga, exploring the narrow lanes of downtown Madurai, traveling in South India, eating home cooked meals with your host family, learning to speak Tamil, and attending festivals, SITA is for you.